Saturday, May 01, 2010

Transport - How to reducing air pollution while using less gas and saving money


Drive Less - Drive Smart - Save Money while reducing air pollution!
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Within a few minutes, you'll learn about:
  • Reducing air pollution (half comes from cars and trucks, and you can help improving this!)
  • Adopting smart driving habits to reduce your car's emissions (and gas consumption!)
  • Alternatives modes of transportation
  • Keeping pollution at a minimum while driving
  • Which type of car to look for next time you'll buy one 
  • Which cars pollute more than others

That's it for the introduction, let's start now!

About half the air pollution comes from cars and trucks, in the United States. Two important ways to reduce air pollution are to drive less -- even a little less -- and to drive smart. Taking fewer trips in your car or truck helps cut air pollution. And adopting smart driving habits reduces your car's emissions.


Driving less doesn't mean you have to stay home. Try combining driving with alternative modes of transportation:
  • Carpool
  • Walk or ride a bicycle
  • Shop by phone or mail
  • Ride public transit
  • Telecommute

    Driving smart keeps pollution at a minimum.

  • Accelerate gradually
  • Use cruise control on the highway
  • Obey the speed limit
  • Combine your errands into one trip
  • Keep your car tuned and support the smog check program
  • Don't top off at the gas pumps
  • Replace your car's air filter
  • Keep your tires properly inflated
    When shopping for your next car

    Look for the most efficient, lowest polluting model--or even use either a non-polluting car or zero emission vehicle.

    If you must drive on days with unhealthy air, drive your newest car. Newer cars generally pollute less than older models. Improved air quality will give everyone more breathing room for the future. Thank you for doing your part.

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